Google's Safe Browsing protection comes to Android

Google is bringing Safe Browsing security feature to Chrome on Android. The search giant has enabled the feature by default on the Chrome browser for Android devices.

The Safe Browsing is already enabled on over a billion machines running Chrome on PC, which protects users for certain type of malware, phishing attacks and other cyber security threats. Safe Browsing on client on Android  is part of Google Play Services, starting with version 8.1. Google notes that the feature is enabled by default starting from versions Chrome 46. Users can go to Chrome's Settings > Privacy menu to check if Safe Browsing is enabled on their app.

Safe Browsing is a service provided by Google that makes web browser ware of URLs that contain malware or phishing content. When a user accidentally requests access to a malicious website, the feature forwards then to a warning page.

Google said that bringing Safe Browsing to mobile devices was harder than PC, as mobile data consumption is the biggest concerns followed by limited data and reduced data speeds.

Kaiser Bey
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Google's Safe Browsing protection comes to Android Google's Safe Browsing protection comes to Android Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/09/2015 05:30:00 AM
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