Samsung-backed IOFIT smart shoes will be your personal trainer

Salted Venture, a startup supported by Samsung Electronics has developed a smart shoe, aimed at enabling athletes and coaches to gather more real-time data regarding an individual's performance. Called IOFIT, the smart shoe was developed as a part of Samsung's Creative Lab (C-Lab) project.

IOFIT utilizes an intricate combination of pressure sensors to keep track of the pressure being applied by the indiviual on the ground, and therefore measure the body posture and balance. The data captured  integrates with a dedicated smartphone application. This is useful for golfers, power lifters and runners, for whom upright posture and balance in footwork plays an important role. 

The outsoles of IOFIT are fitted with Data Analysis technology such as accelerometers and pressure sensors. Using the information coming from the sensors, a dedicated app will help the users to determine balance, weight shift, ground contact force and location of COG (Centre of Gravity). All the data collected is updated and uploaded to the smartphone app in real time, to show pressure patterns on a pressure graph. The smartphone app pairs directly to the shoes with Bluetooth LE.

IOFIT also has a video playback feature, through which users can evaluate their form so that they can gain a perspective on how the stance and position is affecting their performance. The smart shoes are washable, promises 7 to 10 days of battery life and supports wireless charging. The IOFIT will be showcased at MWC 2016 which begins on February 22.


Kaiser Bey
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Samsung-backed IOFIT smart shoes will be your personal trainer Samsung-backed IOFIT smart shoes will be your personal trainer Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/17/2016 03:35:00 PM
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