Microsoft reportedly working on four new surface devices

Over the weekend, a report from Digitimes suggested that Microsoft is working on a Surface all-in-on PC, and Windows Central confirmed the same citing trusted sources. Now Shubhan Chemburkar, an Indian app developer, has shared a pic on Twitter, that suggests Microsoft is planning to release four Surfaces devices, one this year, and the other three next year.

Chemburkar recently visited Microsoft Offices in Redmond, where he snapped and shared photos taken at Building 88. The photos show a wall with number of shelves with place holders dedicated to released surface devices including the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book and a mystery device.

Next to the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, there's two placeholder with 2017 and coming soon written on it. This indicates that the next generation Surface Pro 4 Tablet and Surface Book will launch next year. Recent report has suggested that Surface Book launch has been delayed to H1 2017, due to delay in shipments of Intel’s Kaby Lake CPUs.

There's an another row of place holder, which has placeholder for two unreleased surface devices, one for 2016 and the other for 2017. This placeholder is likely to be of the Surface AIO, which is expected to launch later this year, and the successor could come next year. The launch will also depend on availability for Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake 14 nanometer processor. The place holder could also hint at Surface Phone, Microsoft is working on, but the device is due for 2017 launch.

Note that, these are just placeholders at Microsoft offices, and schedule for the listed products can change or cancel. Earlier Microsoft cancelled the launch of Surface Mini tablet in 2014, just days before it was supposed to launch. 


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Microsoft reportedly working on four new surface devices Microsoft reportedly working on four new surface devices Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/04/2016 05:53:00 PM
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