A leaked sketch, possibly of the LG V30, pops up.

Ever since last year, we’ve seen LG slowly, but surely, transform the questionable design language of the G5 into something that’s attractive. This process involved overhauling the design if the V series and giving it a similar design. Now, it seems that this trend is continuing. This year, LG launched what it arguably its most aluring device in years and it might be giving the V series a similar look.

There’s not much shown in the picture except for the rough sketch, but it tells us a lot. Right off the bat, we see a symetrical design with the front facing camera smack dab in the middle flanked by what looks to be two “ticker” displays. Maybe one will be used for notifications and quick actions, and the other for shortcuts.

What we also see is the rounded corners of the display, like we see with the LG G6. Another trait from the G6 we see is the minimalization of the bezels. They are almost non existant at the top and very small at the bottom. It seems that there will be a more favorable screen to body ratio than the G6. The only question is this: where are they going to place the other sensors? With the Ticker displays occupying top, there doesn’t seem to be room for the proximity sensor and the ambient ligh sensor. Only time will tell.
From what we can see, LG has really developed their new design language for the better. We were shocked when they revamped their designs and gave us the G5. Now it’s matured. We see what looks to be a killer device with a few new tricks. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

Arthur Lee
Arthur is a mobile tech lover through and through, being the head writer for two other tech sites in the past. A lover of Android, he's always looking for more information about this wonderful and open platform. Aside from writing about technology, he is also a musician. He's very happy to contribute to the AndroGuider community.
A leaked sketch, possibly of the LG V30, pops up. A leaked sketch, possibly of the LG V30, pops up. Reviewed by ArthurLee on 5/18/2017 11:22:00 PM
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