Android Oreo adoption hits 0.3 percent, Nougat grows to 20.6 percent

Google has come out with the updated Android distribution numbers for the month of November. To remind you Android's latest iteration Oreo made its debut last month, and was present on 0.2 percent of active devices.

According to the latest number, Oreo saw only 0.1 percent increase during the month, and is now actively running on 0.3 percent of active devices. The number is not mind-boggling, but given that there are more than billion of Android devices out there and Oreo is in its early days, the increase is significant. Interestingly, Android Nougat adaption was also 0.3 percent during the same period.

Speaking of other Android version Nougat continues to rise, while the other iterations share continue to drop. However, Marshmallow continues to be the most widely-used Android version.

Nougat saw a increase of 2.8 percent, and is now running on 20.6 percent of active Android devices, up from 17.8 percent. The most widely-used Android Marshmallow dropped from 32 percent to 30.9 percent, and Lollipop was down from 27.7 percent to 27.2 percent.

The outdated Android versions Kitkat is now present on 13.8 percent active devices (down from 14.5 percent), Jelly Bean stands at 6.2 percent (down from 6.6 percent), and Gingerbread is now 0.5 percent.

The Android Distribution numbers are gathered from devices running Android 2.2 accessed the Play Store in a seven-day period ending on November 9, 2017. It's worth mentioning that devices running older Android version like Honeycomb and Froyo are not included. Also devices that don't have Google Play installed like Android phone and tablets in China, are not taken into account as well. 

Kaiser Bey
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Android Oreo adoption hits 0.3 percent, Nougat grows to 20.6 percent Android Oreo adoption hits 0.3 percent, Nougat grows to 20.6 percent Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/13/2017 10:45:00 PM
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