Xiaomi Mi6 Will Reportedly Mimic The iPhone 7 At A Cheaper Price

So far speculations about the specifications of Xiaomi Mi6 are appealing ahead of it's launch on 19th April. Rumors have it that Mi6's hardware specifications imitate that of the great iPhone 7.

Xiaomi's flagship device for this year will be featuring an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner embedded under the display. The scanner also acts as a home button. Although the user won't be able to physically press the button, the scanner embedded in the button will respond to the user's touch. It is also speculated that the button will be able to emulate different actions depending on the touch sensitivity of the press. If this feature doesn't ring any bells in your head, this very same feature is present in the iPhone 7. Moreover, the fingerprint scanner will be inside a capacitive glass just as in iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 uses a linear premium motor that provides vibration feedback on touch. This motor cost Apple around $10. Leaks have pointed out that Xiaomi has managed to build a motor with similar functionality at a price of less than $1. It is however feared that a cheap motor might result in weak vibration response and hence less reliability.

It is expected that Xiaomi will launch the device in two variants; Mi6 and Mi6 plus. Mi6 is rumored to feature a 5.1 inch full HD display, 19 MP IMX 400 rear camera and 8MP  front camera, 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. On the other hand, the Mi6 Plus is supposed to have a 5.7 inch QHD display, 12MP  dual lens rear camera and 8MP front camera, 128GB storage and 6GB RAM. Both phones are packed with the latest version of Qualcomm Snapdragon processor: the Snapdragon 835.

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Xiaomi Mi6 Will Reportedly Mimic The iPhone 7 At A Cheaper Price Xiaomi Mi6 Will Reportedly Mimic The iPhone 7 At A Cheaper Price Reviewed by raphael mutisya on 4/15/2017 07:46:00 pm
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