A Comprehensive Review on Rank Tracker: Find where your website stands


Rank tracking is one of SEO's most important functions. It determines the position at which a website ranks for a  keyword on Google. It's only through rank tracking that you can evaluate whether your SEO strategies are working or not. Basically, it will tell you how good your website is doing on the search engine. The better your search engine ranking for a keyword, the more traffic your website will get. What makes rank tracking altogether more important is the traffic you get from Google is free and consistent.

What is RankTracker?

Consider your website gets 1000 clicks for a keyword from Google. If you were to run an ad campaign on Google for the same keyword and the average cost-per-click for the ad is $1 ($1 is being very generous, most competitive keywords have a much higher CPC), you will have to shell out $1000. And if you are ranking on top for that keyword, you would get those 1000 clicks for free without paying the thousand bucks.

Now we know rank tracking is important but how do we go about it. There are a plethora of tools that help with rank tracking. Some popular ones you may have heard of include Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, Moz, and SEMRush. There is a new kid on the block. The name - RankTracker. It’s very easy to use depending on the amount of data you are dealing with. So let's look into RankTracker in further detail and determine if it's worth your time and money.

How to Use RankTracker?

If you have used Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, or any other SEO-based tool, you won't find it hard to get started with RankTracker.

It offers a similar user interface with the ability to track keywords, determine keyword difficulty (how hard it is to rank for a particular keyword - higher the difficulty, the harder it is), verify positions in SERPs (SERP = Search Engine Ranking Position), filter keyword difficulty and ranking as per location and device (mobile, tablet, or desktop), and evaluate all keywords' ranking performance in a single place.

1] Pop in your website-

Getting started with RankTracker is easy-peasy:

  • Register an account here. If you already have an account, login here.

  • Verify your email address

  • Enter your website, your competitor's, or a page URL and see the data populate!

2] Enter the location of your target audience-

You can change the location under the search settings as shown in the screenshot above. 

You can set the location to a nation, state, town, or even a specific street address. These places are limitless, like with everything else in the keyword position tracker.

3]  Select the device type-

Your search engine ranking will vary as per the device type. Google announced mobile-first indexing in July 2020, and since then the keyword rankings are different across mobiles, tablets, and desktops. In other words, screen size is another parameter that Google now uses to determine your website's ranking.

RankTracker allows you to view how your website ranks across different device types - a feature I am yet to find in some of the popular SEO tools including Ubersuggest.

4] Use filters to up your game

RankTracker has some of the best filters I have seen in an SEO-based tool. You can use these to nail down statistics.

For example, you can change the search engines the results are derived from. There are also sorting options to arrange the results in ascending or descending order. There are also precise controls to nail the keyword volume, difficulty, and more.

5] Check out the data: visibility, average SERP, keyword SERP, traffic, SERP features

Onto the data that you can view using RankTracker. As you can see in the screenshot above, RankTracker shows five main statistics:

  • Visibility: What percentage of total search volume combined for all the keywords is your website getting

  • Average Position: The average SERP for your website is calculated by averaging all the search ranking positions your website ranks for

  • Traffic: How many organic visitors your website drives from search engines. This is largely an estimate but also shows the potential of the traffic you can receive

  • SERP Features: RankTracker tells you whether search engines are showing shopping previews, maps or reviews for your website. In case they aren't, there is a lot of traffic you are missing out on as SERP features are known to be the most engaging

  • Positions: This shows how your website's position (for a particular keyword) has changed over a period of time

Besides all these statistics, you can also view how your competitors are ranking for a keyword, and you can also compare your SERP versus theirs. 

Use one of your competitors' most efficient methods. The keyword scan allows you to follow the keyword techniques of rivals and evaluate how good they are with organic search results. 

The program will track terms previously ranked by your rivals, analyze their previous SEO stats and assess your odds for those keywords too.

If you are managing SEO for a client, RankTracker also lets you white label reports and add your own logo. Here is an example of a report generated using RankTracker.


RankTracker has four monthly plans to choose from. You can customize the plan according to the number of words you need. (The prices below are per 1000 words when paid annually) -

1] The Standard RankTracker -

 $52/month: 1 user can operate with unlimited domains and have 3 competitors per domain.

 You will also be provided with Reports and Actionable SEO tasks.

2] All in One plan-

$67/month. 10 users can operate with unlimited domains and have 10 competitors per domain. 

You will also be provided with Reports, Actionable SEO tasks, 500 Keyword Finder, 250 SERP Checks, Web Audit, Keyword Difficulty, Keyword Discovery, and PPC Savings.

3] Premium- 

$89/month. Unlimited users can operate with unlimited domains and have 20 competitors per domain. 

You will also be provided with Reports, Actionable SEO tasks, 1000 Keyword Finder, 500 SERP Checks, Web Audit, Keyword difficulty, Keyword Discovery, and PPC Savings.

4] Enterprise- 

$30,000/month. In this package, you will be provided all the aforementioned features along with Custom Keyword Finder, Custom SERP Checker, and an account manager.

Each plan comes with a free trial of 10 days. RankTracker doesn't limit the usage of its platform in the trial period so that users can determine which plan is the most suitable as per their needs.

You can try each feature of RankTracker as a part of the trial. It's worth noting here that no credit card is required to avail the trial but you need to create a free account before you can access any of RankTracker's features.

RankTracker also has a lifetime deal ongoing at AppSumo where you can get it for $49, $99, $199, or $299. A lifetime deal unlocks lifetime access to a product for a one-time price. I would suggest going for RankTracker's lifetime deal instead of their monthly plans if you plan to use it on an occasional basis. The lifetime deal has the same features as RankTracker's top-of-the-line Premium plan, making it more compelling than the monthly plans. What's more: you can claim a full refund for the lifetime deal in 60 days after the purchase. Check out RankTracker's listing on AppSumo for more information.

RankTracker Features / Benefits

1] SERP Checker

SERP checker lets you check for various keywords for the top 100 search results on Google. Search for SEO chances by entering SERP control keywords.

See search results for your locations instantly and find out whether your website may qualify for this term.

If you searched for the same term on a desktop, you may receive different results. This is specified to you by Ranktracker, too.

2] Website Audit

The Website Audit represents a complete examination of all the variables affecting visibility of the website in search engines. 

All kinds of technological problems - frequently without you being aware - might affect your SEO. This standard technique provides a full overview of every website, traffic and specific pages. 

The website audit of Ranktracker examines your site, identifying any issues that could influence your rankings.

3] Keyword Finder

If you plan SEO material, insert a term into the search engine to create related keywords. See what keywords receive the highest traffic immediately. 

This is a strong keyword research tool that may help you find optimal terms and sentences so that your SEO and marketing outcomes are maximized. 

Specify the specific terms you're looking for to target your keyword research.

4] SEO Report

The SEO reports follow the SEO performance of your website. It gives you the SEO marketing efforts and suggests development chances.

To demonstrate how your rating has evolved over time, you may generate customized reports.

You can download it as a PDF or a CSV file, or even send it directly in the form of an email to your co-worker, clients, and customers.


1.       Lack of features in comparison to Ahrefs and Ubersuggest

2.       The user interface could have been done better. RankTracker is feature-packed and if you know what you are looking for, it will help you easily find that. But for beginners who are new to SEO, the UI can seem daunting at first

3.       The price is customizable but is also costly for some users

4.       SERP checks and monthly keyword limits are low


Who can use Rank Tracker

·       RankTracker free version can be used by small startups & freelancers who are still finding their ground and they want to grow but don’t have enough money.

·       Large agencies with enough income can use RankTracker to grow and deal with their increasing work.

·       Enterprise can use RankTracker Enterprise version to maintain their quality services and manage a huge workload.



With everything in the SEO domain continuously changing, it becomes necessary to monitor your SERP. Using RankTracker, you can determine the changes you have to make to a page SEO-friendly and thus increase your chances of ranking higher. More importantly, RankTracker shows performance data of competitive sites that you can study and figure out the strategies your competitor is using to enhance their SEO. 

There are a lot of features but they can become hard to consume, all at once. However, if you are patient and take some time to familiarize yourself with the user interface, it will become easy to use.

As far the features themselves go, RankTracker's feature set is comparable to biggies including Ahrefs and Ubersuggest. RankTracker has more features than the latter but Ubersuggest is easier to navigate and it has its own set of unique features like backlink opportunities.

When compared to Ahrefs, RankTracker lags behind. It does the job of 'rank-tracking' well but that's only what it is built for. Don't get me wrong, you can use RankTracker to plan what articles you can rank for and to some extent even map your backlink outreach strategy by studying competitors. However, Ahrefs has better features especially for backlinks. It also has support for adding team members and getting daily email alerts for new keywords. The keyword data collected by Ahrefs is far more than RankTracker which can be attributed to the higher number of users in Ahrefs who do thousands of SERP updates daily for each keyword.

Ahrefs also sends daily email notifications for new keywords your website ranks for. This is a small feature but something I have found extremely useful over the years.

Why you may want to opt for RankTracker over Ahrefs is the price. The latter is significantly more expensive and to make RankTracker more luring, there is the lifetime deal. In my opinion, you should choose RankTracker over Ahrefs just because of the value for money, and in any case, the lifetime deal for RankTracker is just worth it.

I hope this review helped you in determining whether RankTracker is worthy of your time. Drop a comment below and share your thoughts on RankTracker.

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A Comprehensive Review on Rank Tracker: Find where your website stands A Comprehensive Review on Rank Tracker: Find where your website stands Reviewed by Nationalastic Changer ! on 9/24/2021 02:39:00 PM
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