A Comprehensive Review on SERPWatch: For your website's Tracking and Trafficking Needs


Every modern marketer has to have knowledge about search engine rankings, especially if they want to use SEO to get their page in front of potential buyers. Organic search engine traffic has become extremely challenging and competitive in almost every field. To acquire continuous search engine traffic is difficult, but it's not enough to rank your content. It's also important to keep them there.

Even with a market-leading Google ranking tool and keyword rank checker, watching your page's SEO performance is a laborious, time-consuming job akin to locating a needle in a digital haystack. There is an excessive amount of data. There isn't enough organization. It's perplexing, and it takes time.

That’s why you can use a tool like SerpWatch which is designed to help you do all this in a hassle freeway. These tools will provide you with a constant update on your posts' rating for each keyword, allowing you to see which posts have decreased in position and require quick attention.

What is SerpWatch?

SerpWatch is a powerful rank tracking and SEO analysis tool that allows you to keep track of your website's search performance in real time. Intelligence Hub brings all rank variables together in one location, allowing users to compare and contrast different SEO aspects on a single graph. 

SerpWatch allows you to personalise rank notifications, watch various search engines, locations, and devices in one project, interface with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and API, monitor rivals, and manage customers from a dashboard.

How to use SerpWatch?

The UI is really good once the initial sign-up is completed, with straightforward and clean navigation. The first step is to create a project based on your domain, which will contain all of the keywords for that site.

You can specify the search engine you wish to use to monitor the terms. SerpWatch supports multiple domains. It also allows you to pick between desktop and mobile searches if you just require ranking data particularly for desktop or mobile searches.

Your desired keywords may then be added to the project after that. You can enter as many keywords as your plan permits.


Starter, Growth, and Premium are the three paid plans available, with monthly prices ranging from $49, $99 and $349 per month.

And yearly prices ranging from $29, $59 and $199 per month depending on the amount of keyword checks permitted each month.

Although the majority of the features are accessible on all tiers, white labelling is only available on the Premium plan.

In addition, the Starter package does not provide report scheduling or Google Analytics connection. As a result, if you're an agency owner, the Growth or Premium plans are your best bet. You can take a free trail of 15 days to see the working of the tool.

Also, if you are an Enterprise SerpWatch offers tailored plans for large volume purchases.


Pros/ Features-

1] Multiple Search Engines-

SERPwatch lets you track your project's keywords across many search engines. SERPwatch now allows you to pick between Bing, Google, and Yandex for this. As a result, by creating several projects, you can track project keywords from different search engines. 

This will enable you to assess the strength and weakness of your project as well as its suitability for every search engine.

2] UI Features-

Any project may be simply cloned. In the dashboard, you may rearrange the projects and keywords. You may also use custom sorting or sort by name. 

Click the boxes labelled "keywords moved up," "keywords without change," "Keywords moved down," "Keywords in Top 3," and "Keywords in Top 10" to apply keyword filters. If desired, keyword filters can also be applied by name.

3] Multiple Projects-

You may use SERPwatch to track all of your projects. You may choose the target location, tracking frequency, and search engine for your project. You may also import the keywords from this window using a CSV file. 

You may also assign a favicon to your project from the library to help people remember it. For this function, you may also submit a custom logo.

4] Advanced Keywords Data-

SERPwatch provides extensive information on each term you submit to the system. It shows you your daily position change, current position, previous tracked position, and best position up to this point.

 In addition, SERPwatch displays the keyword's search traffic, projected average cost per click based on historical data, relative competitiveness, expected monthly income, and competitors.

5] Community Forum-

SERPwatch focuses on product development, and they understand the need of conversation and consumer input in order to achieve this. As a result, they offer a community forum where users may begin a discussion and ask questions. SERPwatch also has “Roadmap” and “Request a Feature” options.

 The road map outlines the many activities that the firm is pursuing in order of importance. In the roadmap problems, one can vote for a specific feature or defect. Customers can suggest any new feature they think will improve the experience of other users on the programme using the Request a feature option.


1] Pricing is bit on the expensive side as we can see huge difference between monthly and yearly plans.

2] Lacks some features like Backlink data.

3] There are no comprehensive competitor insights available.


Who can use SerpWatch?

SerpWatch is ideal for the Marketers, SEO experts, and agencies who wish to use a single dashboard to proactively monitor SERP rankings, analyze and compare sophisticated performance data, and manage numerous clients.


1] Wincher

Wincher is a feature-rich decent rank tracking tool with some good SEO. White labelling of reports is also offered in plans as low as $75 per month, which is less expensive than SerpWatch's top plan.

2] SE Positioning

SE Ranking is a great alternative if you're looking for a more all-around SEO tool that's equivalent to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and the like.

3] Serpstat

Serpstat is a multi-tool SEO platform that includes over 20 tools. Serpstat is the fastest-growing SEO solution on the market, with over 300,000 users receiving complete search analytics data.


SERPwatch is a fantastic tool for modern-day entrepreneurs and business owners who don't want to spend a lot of time but want to get the most out of their automated results. This rank tracking programme is essential for displaying the performance of your target or preferred keywords over time. More information would be better, but as a rank monitoring tool SerpWatch properly fits in most of your needs by monitoring keywords accurately. If you genuinely want to improve your traffic and rank main keywords you definitely give a try to SerpWatch.

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A Comprehensive Review on SERPWatch: For your website's Tracking and Trafficking Needs A Comprehensive Review on SERPWatch: For your website's Tracking and Trafficking  Needs Reviewed by Nationalastic Changer ! on 10/06/2021 01:04:00 PM
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