Samsung Ditches Bixby Voice Just Days Ahead Of S8 Launch

Layout of Bixby in Galaxy S8
Despite Samsung Galaxy S8 being groomed with wonderful features: an infinity display that threatens to spill over to the back of the phone, top end specs, configurable software navigation buttons, lowest bezel to screen ratio and more, the Bixby assistant will be incomplete upon its release. A statement from from Samsung provided that Bixby voice search functionality will not accompany the release of the phone.

Samsung defines Bixby as a new way of interacting with your phone. Bixby uses machine learning algorithms and learns from your routine. The very fact that Bixby learns from your routine means that you will always have the right content when you need it. Bixby simplifies your tasks by pulling out the most important information from apps so that you can do much on a single screen. In S8 and S8+, Bixby is built into your favorite apps so that things like setting up reminders with the associated time and location is not a big deal.

A reminder by Bixby in Galaxy S8
In what appears to be a screw up, Samsung has stated that fundamental features of Bixby, including home, reminder and vision, won't be there at the time of the S8/S8+'s release. The voice functionalities in Bixby voice will however be available on the Galaxy S8 later this spring. Just to shed some light on the major features of Bixby, with reminder you can set a reminder to get yourself reminded about stuff as per your chosen time and location, vision is a feature that gets into the camera, gallery and internet to give you a good definition of what you are looking at, home is a feature that acts as an interface similar to the Google Now feed.

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Samsung Ditches Bixby Voice Just Days Ahead Of S8 Launch Samsung Ditches Bixby Voice Just Days Ahead Of S8 Launch Reviewed by raphael mutisya on 4/16/2017 03:49:00 am
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