Intel-powered Google Glass reportedly coming in 2015

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Google will launch a new model of Google Glass , powered by an Intel chip in 2015.

The new version of Glass will have a greater compatibility with prescription lenses , a doubled RAM and a longer battery life. The Intel chipset will replace the Texas Instrument processor that powers the current Google Glass.

The report also states that Google is  planning to promote this product via its Glass at Work initiative as an enterprise offering to hospitals, construction and manufacturing.

It is not yet known what the particular Intel hardware will be used to feed the new Google Glass , although the rumors direct to the chip used for Intel's bracelet MICA. The Mica bracelet can last up to 2 days on a single charge and Google will definitely want that kind of battery back-up on Google Glass, something the company has not been able to achieve.

Source :  The Wall Street Journal

Kaiser Bey
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Intel-powered Google Glass reportedly coming in 2015 Intel-powered Google Glass reportedly coming in 2015 Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/02/2014 04:06:00 PM
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