Cyanogen Apps (C-Apps) Are Now Available For Marshmallow!



If you are familiar with CyanogenMod 13 (CM13), then you might have heard about the Cyanogen OS too. Cyanogen OS can be understood as the commercialised version of CM13 which is present in retail smartphones such as OnePlus One, WileyFox, ZUK Z1, Andromax Q, and YU branded devices. The popular applications in the Cyanogen OS such as the ThemeStore and the ThemeChooser, which allow per-app themeing.

C-Apps were made available to CM12 and CM12.1 users too last year after the release of Cyanogen OS 12. In a blog post on 15th March 2016 regarding the release of first CM13 snapshot builds, Cyanogen had mentioned that they will be releasing the C-Apps package for Marshmallow within a week. Sadly, that week happens to come our way three months after that blog post. For that time, we also had some unofficial C-Apps packages. But, they were not compatible after certain March nightlies of CM13, when Cyanogen made great changes to the commits of CM13, which disturbed the compatibility.


Is my ROM compatible?

Any CM13 build on or after 9th May is compatible. For those of you who are on Snapshot ZNH0E or Snapshot builds which were released in the month of April cannot flash this C-Apps package. Thankfully, Cyanogen has said that they will resolve this issue later this month or early next month with the next wave of Snapshots.

ROMs which come in with the CM Theme Engine (CMTE) are compatible. The fact whether they are based on CM13 or AOSP does not matter here. But, your ROM MUST have the CMTE. This implies that Dirty Unicorns (DU), AOSiP, Resurrection Remix (RR), Android Ice Cold Project (AICP), Pure Nexus CMTE builds, AOKP, XOSP, PAC ROM, Marsh ROM, Zeus ROM, Bliss ROM, Temasek are compatible with this C-Apps package.

ROMs which are compatible with Layers are not compatible. This includes Exodus, Pure Nexus Layers builds, Nitrogen OS, Slim6.

Flashing the C-Apps package on incompatible ROMs will result in a series of undesired force closes (FCs).


What's bundled inside?

  • Cyanogen Account

  • ThemeStore

  • ThemeChooser with per-app themeing

  • AudioFX

  • Gallery

  • Email powered by Boxer

TrueCaller MOD will now integrate directly into CM’s Dialer, and is uninstallable if you don’t want this service. Non-core functionality apps are now uninstallable. Cyanogen OS dialer is not integrated in this C-Apps package. If you want a package with the Cyanogen dialer too, then Vipul Jha is working right on that. Keep an eye on this XDA thread then. This thread consists of the unofficial C-Apps packages which were mentioned about previously. Vipul Jha plans to release the update package today itself. I will update this post as and when this happens.

Additionally, new Lock Screen Mods have been introduced for Twitter and Cortana users. Cyanogen also promises that Cortana has greater capabilities with CM and they will be enhanced once you flash this package and install Cortana from the Play Store.

Also bundled in is the Skype MOD which will allow you to transfer a cellular network call directly to a Skype video call. Skype calls will also show up in the call log, and you can make Skype calls directly from Dialer using search or T9.


Flashing Instructions - KEY NOTES

Just keep the following pointers in mind:

  • Dirty flashing is fine. You do not need to wipe anything.

  • Ensure that the System partition is mounted. To do that in TWRP, go to "Mount" and then select "System". If the System partition is not mounted, you will end up getting a status 7 error.


Download Links

At the bottom of the page, agree to Cyanogen's Terms of Use and Truecaller's Terms of Service and then download the package for CyanogenMod 13.0.




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Cyanogen Apps (C-Apps) Are Now Available For Marshmallow! Cyanogen Apps (C-Apps) Are Now Available For Marshmallow! Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 7/08/2016 06:02:00 PM
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