Xiaomi outs Mi Wyatt Meter Mechanical Keyboard

Xiaomi's product portfolio apart from smartphones includes tablets, accessories, air purifiers, TVs, laptops, drone and lifestyle product. The brand's latest product is a computer peripheral in the form of a mechanical keyboard called Mi Wyatt Meter Mechanical Keyboard.

The keyboard is made of H32 Aluminum alloy steel and the keycaps are made of translucent poly-carbonate making it sturdy. The keyboard has a six-layer design with 87 keys along with TTC Red Switches underneath which can withstand up to 50 million hits.

The keyboard is fitted with 3528 LED lights that can be configured to 6-levels of brightness for backlight support for typing in the dark. The function keys sport two-tone orange and white backlight. It also has a kickstand at its bottom which aligns at an angle of 6-degree to elevate it up from the surface.

The keyboard has a microUSB port for connectivity, weighs 940g and measures 358mm x 128mm x 31.6mm. Xiaomi says that the mechanical keyboard is gaming ready as well.

The Mi Wyatt Meter Mechanical Keyboard is priced at CNY 299 (Rs. 3,000) and is available via Xiaomi's crowdfunding platform. Shipping is expected to start November 29.

Kaiser Bey
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Xiaomi outs Mi Wyatt Meter Mechanical Keyboard Xiaomi outs Mi Wyatt Meter Mechanical Keyboard Reviewed by Kaiser on 10/21/2016 02:12:00 PM
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