Google's Flight Search Tool Launched In India

Google launched its Flight search tool in India. The tool allows users to search for flights, as well as compare and book flights from your device. It works on smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs. This is good new for travellers as it gets them info they need at their fingertips.

Goibibo is the first website to partner with the internet giant for the service to display results from its own portal along with options thrown by Google search from airline website when users give in requirements such as destination and travel date.

“Enter your destination and date information and review the available flight options. Flight Search automatically eliminates long or expensive flights to help you get straight to the best options for you,” Google said in a statement.

By redirecting a user to the web page of an airline, it eliminates the need for a travel agent, as a result, cuts out extra expenses. The Flight search tool features options for one way, round trips as well as multi-city flights. Users can see price fluctuations based on seasons and come to an informed decision when booking a flight. It also allows one to save a travel itinerary as well as share them with others. Additionally, you can also view the flight route through Maps, and learn which other destinations you can travel to for the same price.

The Google Flight Search tool was launched back in 2010 after Google acquired ITA software company that organized all of the travel industry data since 1996 for $700 million. It took one year for US Department of Justice to approve the buyout. It was initially made available in the US followed by other parts of Europe. Google has done a nice job optimizing the Flight/Travel search experience for mobile web

It will be interesting to watch how flight information aggregators and Online travel agents respond to this assault on their business in India.

Kaiser Bey
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Google's Flight Search Tool Launched In India Google's Flight Search Tool Launched In India Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/15/2015 10:46:00 PM
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