Vivaldi Is A New Web Browser Aimed At Power Users

Ex-Opera CEO Jon Von Tetzchner launched a new Internet browser which offers an interface for high-volume users who have problems fitting all their open tabs on screen. 

The new browser is called Vivaldi and will be available on PC from Tuesday. It will support Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and is available now as a technical preview for all three platforms. 

The company has worked on the Vivaldi browser for a year and a half. The browser is still in preview and many features will be missing. It is also working on a mobile and tablet version of the browser.

Jon Von Tetzchner believes that there is still more room for web browsers, despite tough competition from Google's Chrome, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Apple's Safari, Mozilla Corp's Firefox and Opera Software's browser.

Who is Jon Von Tetzchner ? Von Tetzchner was also a co-founder and long-time head of browser and mobile technology at Opera Software. He left the company in 2011 and later formed, a social media platform which he said at the time would target computer geeks wary of aggressive advertising and government surveillance.

The Vivaldi web browser offers features like personalised notes, bookmarks with small screen shots and speed dials with options for multiple groups and folders. Multiple tabs can be combined into one for easy browsing of related sites.With these features the company hopes to attract high-volume users.

Vivaldi has also signed a few affiliation deals ahead of the launch and is in talks with several potential partners for functionalities like search and online shopping. 

Download : Vivaldi

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