CommonFloor Retina is a virtual reality take on real estate

India's leading online real estate platform CommonFloor introduced a virtual reality innovation called CommonFloor Retina. It can be used to view/review/assess new real estate projects in 360 degree mode from anywhere at any point of time.

The set-up will need to have a access to virtual reality headset, based on DIY (do it yourself) Google Cardboard,  made of lens, a magnet for navigation and cardboard which can be assembled to create a VR headset, which can be used to view desired properties in 3D.

The headgear costs Rs. 999 and is available for sale on CommonFloor website and on Flipkart. . 

How does it work ? With CommonFloor Retina, a property seeker has to install the app on their Android phone, launch the app and insert the photo into C and F Retina headger to experience a virtual tour of the property. The magnet switch on the headgear acts a basic tool for navigation. Photos and graphical representaion for the app are either sourced by builders or generated using the company's own hardware.

At present the CommonFloor Retina app is compatible with Android phones like Nexus 4 and above, Moto G2(2014), Samsung Galaxy S4 and above, Moto X and Mi3. According to CommonFloor it woks best on Google Nexus smartphone. 

The CommonFloor Retina app saves builders the cost and space for constructing a model apartment. The company also plans to have builders keep the VR kits at their office , expos or conference to give property seekers a virtual view of their project on how it will look like on completion.

Over 20 projects in Bangalore have signed up, and the CommonFloor Retina app has all the plans available to download. The company also plans to expand the innovation to more cities all over India, already 480 are in the pipeline.

Sumit Jain, Co-founder & CEO,, said, "Property buying demands huge time and financial investment by the buyer and it is our constant endeavour to create tools and technology that makes property search easy for the consumer and gives them a wow experience. CommonFloor Retina is a result of one such quest that adapts technology smartly to the consumer’s advantage."

Check out the video where CommonFloor customers share their experience of using the CommonFloor Retina.

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CommonFloor Retina is a virtual reality take on real estate CommonFloor Retina is a virtual reality take on real estate Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/27/2015 04:13:00 PM
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