LG Reveals Virtual Reality Headset 'VR for G3'

LG is teaming up with Google to offer Virtual reality experience to the LG G3 owners dubbed VR for G3. The wearable is based on Google's 'Cardboard' VR headset design that was announced in June last year during Google I/O.

The LG G3 smartphone and the VR can be clubbed together and users can experience several VR apps on Google play. They can also download the VR game "Robobilteration" using the inbox code.

The VR for G3 uses Google software to create virtual reality environment and it feature "neodymium ring magnet" that uses the LG G3's gyroscope to let users control it without touching the display. The VR for G3 can also connect to smartphone with the Bluetooth headset LG Tone Infinim.

The VR for G3 will launch in selected regions and will come bundled free with LG G3.

Kaiser Bey
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LG Reveals Virtual Reality Headset 'VR for G3' LG Reveals Virtual Reality Headset 'VR for G3' Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/10/2015 04:34:00 PM
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