Apple's 2015 iPhone may come with 2GB RAM, Apple SIM

According to a report by Apple Insider citing to a source who has been accurate in the past states that Apple's 2015 iPhone ( both standard and Plus) will pack 2GB RAM and ship with its own Apple Sim which was introduced on iPad Air 2 last october.

Apple has been using 1GB of RAM for its handset since the launch of the Apple iPhone 5 in 2012. That same year Apple used 1GB RAM in the third-gen Apple iPad.

It looks like Apple will be following the same approach by bringing the memory upgrade and other features to the next iPhone, since iPad Air 2 uses 2GB RAM. The memory upgrade would improve multi-tasking capability but will consume more battery power.

The same source also revealed that Apple will be shipping its 2015 iPhone with Apple SIM pre-installed which made its debut with iPad Air 2.

Apple SIM card is programmed to work with one specific carrier. With Apple SIM users can sign up for mobile data plans from any participating carrier. This can be done by simply going to settings app and enroll without long term contracts. For example, if you are using Airtel's network and want to switch to Vodafone you will not have to buy a new SIM card, instead with Apple SIM you can jump to any carrier whenever you please without the need of contract or purchase of new SIM. Unfortunately, Apple Sim will not be implemented in India.
Source : Apple Insider

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Apple's 2015 iPhone may come with 2GB RAM, Apple SIM Apple's 2015 iPhone may come with 2GB RAM, Apple SIM Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/05/2015 06:25:00 PM
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