LaCie announce USB-C Mobile Hard Drive for the new 12-inch MacBook

Apple's new 12-inch Macbook with Retina display has just one USB-Type C port that performs all the activities from charging the notebook to data transfer and video output.With such a piece of hardware support peripheral makers will embrace it with open arms.

Now, popular storage device maker, Lacie has announced a new portable hard drive called the LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive. LaCie says the hard drive was designed especially for Mac users, and features a stylish, sophisticated aluminum finish  to the new 12-inch MacBook.

Housed in 3-mm thick solid aluminium shell the drive will keep your data fully protected. The drive will come with an adapter that is compatible with Type-A USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports. With USB 3.0, the drive offers transfer speeds of up to 100MB/second, with a speed reduction when using USB 2.0.

As the new 12-inch MacBook has only a single USB Type-C port, to simultaneously charge the laptop (or use the port to connect other devices) and connect the LaCie hard drive, users will have to buy a USB-C hub or a USB-C adpater that includes a regular USB port as well as USB-C passthough port. 

The drive comes in three capacities - 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. The 500GB hard drive is quite slim at 11mm while the 1TB and 2TB is regular sized with 15mm.

The hard drive is compatible with OS X's Time machine and will allow for easy backup for Mac users. Users also get access to the company's LaCie Private-Public, LaCie Backup Assistant, and Eco Mode software.

The LaCie Porsche Design Mobile Drive will be available in Q2. The company did not reveal the price.

Kaiser Bey
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LaCie announce USB-C Mobile Hard Drive for the new 12-inch MacBook LaCie announce USB-C Mobile Hard Drive for the new 12-inch MacBook Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/11/2015 07:17:00 PM
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