Pipo C2 Smartwatch is made in China and costs $35 (Rs. 2100)

Chinese technology company Pipo unveiled a new smartwatch - Pipo C2.

The Pipo C2 has a square watch face with round edges and detachable wristband. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. If the connection is lost it will issue a audible alarm. 

The smartwatch can be used for making and answering calls, reading messages, take pictures at a long distance, controlling the playing of the music, alarm clock, calendar, calculator and many more. The Pipo C2 does not run on Android Wear.

The Dial can be detached from the strap. It has a power button, volume button, microUSB port for charging, return key and function key. You can also use the watch to dial your phone and directly make a phone call and use the speakerphone that is integrated into the Pipo C2 to talk. When on a call it will allow you to perform other tasks simultaneously on your handset like watching videos, play games, chatting with friends, etc.

It also has pedometer function that can be used to record steps, calories, speed and mileage and other movement information.

The Pipo C2 is priced at 199 yuan ($35 | Rs. 2000) and will be soon launched in China. 

Source : Geeky Gadgets

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Pipo C2 Smartwatch is made in China and costs $35 (Rs. 2100) Pipo C2 Smartwatch is made in China and costs $35 (Rs. 2100) Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/06/2015 03:41:00 PM
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