nexpaq is a modular case for your smartphone

Modular smartphone that let you swap out components like battery, camera has been around for a few years. Google's Project Ara is one such concept but and still is in the prototype stage.

Now Crowdfunding site Kickstarter is offering a modular smartphone product that you can buy and use in the coming months. It is not a smartphone but a smartphone case that can be customized in modular fashion.

Meet nexpaq, the first smartphone case with add on storage, battery power, speaker and more. It allows users to easily customize, enhance and add features to their smartphone via the case. You can add and remove physical modules from the back of the case without turning your smartphone off. The modules are controlled via an app on your smartphone.

The nexpaq case include built-in 1000mAh battery and is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. As for smartphone models, it is compatible with iPhone 6, Samsung Galasy S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S5. The company plans to expand the lineup in the future. Currently there are 12 modules available-

At nexpaq's Kickstarter campaign the goal is to reach $50,000 (Rs. 32m  lakh), so far the project has been backed by 380 backers and has reached a funding of just over $40,000. Pledges start from $89 which includes smartphone case and four modules (speaker, hotkey, battery power, SD card reader). Nexpaq cases are expected to be delivered worldwide by January 2016.

Source : Kickstarter | Via : Verge 

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nexpaq is a modular case for your smartphone nexpaq is a modular case for your smartphone Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/30/2015 07:08:00 PM
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