Now Google Search to locate your lost Android phone

Google's 'Find My Phone' feature helps you look up for stolen or lost Android phone. The feature is already available via Android Device Manager in smartphones that helps you locate misplaced device throught the app, website and Android wear device.

Today, Google announced that users can now make use of the Google search engine to find their lost smartphone.
To do this, Android smartphone owners should log in to their Google account (with e-mail id registered on smartphone) from desktop browser and simply type 'find my phone' in the Google search bar.

In the search results, users will be shown the location of their handset on Google maps and give the option to make it ring. An option will also pop up to ring the smartphone, by clicking the smartphone will ring in full volume for five minutes. Users can stop the ringing by pressing the the power button on the phone.

To utilize this feature on Android phone, users must have the latest version of the Google search app. The service is now online. Android smartphone users can go ahead and try it out.

Kaiser Bey
Kaiser is a tech enthusiast who likes to write, read and talk about tech. He dreams of going to Mars and never come back. We hope that you find his posts on AndroGuider helpful and informative
Now Google Search to locate your lost Android phone Now Google Search to locate your lost Android phone Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/16/2015 06:09:00 PM
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