Google announces Android M

Google at its I/O 2015 announced Android M, the next version of Android that is aimed at improving performance and user experience. Google touts that it is most powerful Android release yet. The Android M platform concentrates on six major things - App permission, Web Experience, App Links, Mobile Payments, Fingerprint support and Power & Charging.

App Permissions
Google is allowing Android users to control what Android apps can have access on their devices. Instead of giving permission at the time of installation, users can select permission manually (location, camera, microphone, contacts) when they are needed in the apps. Users can also manage all their app permissions in settings.

Web Experience
Google also revealed a new Chrome feature called Chrome Custom Tabs. The feature lets developers to enable Google Chrome overlay on top of the active tab. They are faster, secure and include features like support for saved passwords, auto-fill and web sign-in.

App Links
This will let users open links withing an app directly, instead of which app you want to use when you click a link.  For example, a tweet will always open in Twitter, instead of presenting you with the list of apps that can open it.

Mobile Payments
Google's Android Pay allows users to use NFC and Host Card Emulation.It allows users to pay via their Android phones in stores or even in Android Pay partner apps. Android pay securely stores credit card, loyalty card and other payment related data details on the device. It will work in 700,000 stores in the U.S and U.S operators AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile will per-install Android pay on new devices.

Fingerprint Support
Google is including native support for fingerprint sensors in Android M. Google has added fingerprint APIs for developers to add into their app. The finger print sensor enhances the Android Pay feature that will allow users to authenticate or purchase with their fingerprint. It will also enable users to unlock their devices with fingerprint.

Power & Charging
Google is coming up with a new feature called 'Doze' for improved battery usage. It will use motion detection to limit background activity when the phone is in standby and puts the device in deeper sleep. Google claims that Doze will improve battery life by almost two times. Other power related changes include USB Type C support and using your phone or tablet as a charger for other devices with USB Type-C.

Android M will also bring several other changes such as 
  • separate drop down volume control option to control indiviaual levels
  • Adoptable storage device that will treat external storage devices such as SD cards as internal
  • New App drawer - The app drawer along with widget picker will scroll vertically instead of sideways in previous generations
  • Google Now on Tap - Smart assistant that aims to make your life easier.
  • New backup and restore for apps
  • Better text selection
  • Better sharing tools
Android M developer Preview can be flashed on a limited number of devices which include Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player. Google will continue pushing monthly update till the stable release in Q3 this year.

Kaiser Bey
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Google announces Android M Google announces Android M Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/29/2015 05:17:00 PM
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