Yu launches HealthYU Cassette for Rs 4,999 in India

Yu at the launch event of Yuphoria smartphone also announced a health tracking cassette, the HealthYu. It is a pocket accessory that can be attached to smartphone's back cover. The company says that HealthYu is an open platform device that supports any smartphone.

HealthYu tracks users essential body vitals like ECG, Body temperature, Blood pressure Blood Oxygen saturation, Respiration and heart rate. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth LE and offers multi-user support.

For the HealthYu to work, users simply need to place their finger on the four sensors to track body vitals. The reading and results will be reflected in an app called HealthYu app running on phone. The app records all the data and users can send weekly reports from the app to their doctor. The app stores all the data on the cloud and gives around 90 readings per charge.

HealthYu uses 1 Lead ECG mechanism to capture ECG, NTC thermistor based sensor to measure skin temperature and reflective SpO2 technology to measure Blood Oxygen saturation. Users heart rate is calculated accurately using ECG values and the respiration rate is derived from the ECG and SpO2 values. Blood pressure is derived using a combination of calibrated and sensor based reading.

The HealthYu is priced at Rs. 4,999 and will be available to purchse next month via Yu's official website.

Kaiser Bey
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Yu launches HealthYU Cassette for Rs 4,999 in India Yu launches HealthYU Cassette for Rs 4,999 in India Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/12/2015 08:47:00 PM
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