Windows 10 PC build 10158 pushed to fast ring; brings Microsoft Edge branding, Cortana integration with Office 365

Microsoft has released Windows 10 PC build 10158 to Windows Insiders in the fast ring.The new build brings stability and quality improvements, UI polish and focuses a lot on Microsoft Edge browser.

Here is what’s new in this build
Microsoft Edge: Project spartan is re-branded as Microsoft Edge and has a new app ID. This will cause favorites, cookies, history and Reading list items saved in Project Spartan to be erased. If you want to keep these items, follow the steps below
  • Copy your favorites from %localappdata%/Packages/Microsoft.Windows.Spartan_cw5n1h2txyewy/AC/Spartan/User/Default/Favorites. 
  • Save them to %userprofile%/Favorites.
  •  After upgrading, open Microsoft Edge, choose Settings, and you’ll see an option to import favorites from another browser. Choose Internet Explorer to import the favorites you saved in your %userprofile% directory into Microsoft Edge.
Other new features and improvements in Microsoft Edge include:
  1. Home Button option included. To add it to the browser go to Setting > Advanced Settings and turn on "Show the home button"
  2. Ability to import favorites or bookmarks from other browsers into Microsoft Edge.
  3. New options to change what you want to see first when you start Microsoft Edge.
  4. New customizations for the New Tab page where you can choose to see top sites and suggested contents or just top sites.
  5. Manage password for your favorite websites.
  6. Audio from Microsoft Edge plays while it is minimized or in the background.
  7. You can drag and drop tabs to a new Windows
  8. New Dark Theme.
General UX improvements and refinement: Continuum gets lot of bug fixes and improved tablet mode animation & support for Windows 8/8.1 apps and classin (Win32) app in tablet mode. And when using the Start Menu, you can swipe up on the left side to open All apps. TGhis also works in tablet mode. In all apps, clicking on a letter will quickly go to apps on the all apps list under that letter.

Updates to Cortana:
Cortana's notebook is in its final stage with a combined Profile and setting experience. It now has dark theme to match the OS. Tracking your flights, alerts for going to work, going home and the airport, sending e-emal via Cortana are also enabled. Sending e-mail via Cortana works for the U.S right now and requires an Internet connection to work.

Cortana integration with Office 365: Cortana now connects to Office 365 to make your work easy. With office 365 integration Cortana can proactively help you prepare for an upcoming meeting. Cortana brings you helpful information about the people you’re meeting with, recent documents they’ve worked on, and reminders about your next Schedule. Cortana can also pull together insights to help you get more connected, like how you and your colleagues are connected to each other, documents you share and your upcoming meetings with them. Lastly, Cortana will even deliver reminder when that important person contacts you.

Updated Photos App: The new update brings performance improvements and new capabilities like support for animated GIFs, added "open with" button in photo viewer andget links of saved photos, screenshots, Camera roll on the Album page.

Snipping Tool and Insider Hub: Now you can set up a 5-second delay to capture pop-up menus. Insider Hub will no longer be pre-installed starting this build. If you want Insider Hub Go to Settings, System, Apps & features> Click Manage option feature> Add a feature> Select Insider Hub entry and click Install.

The new build also brings minor fixes for Surface 3 and Surface 3 Pro. For Surface 3 this build has fixed the issue that was preventing it from upgrading to other build and this build brings several fixed and improved battery life for Suface 3 Pro.

According to Microsoft, there are no known issues in this build. Things are shaping quite nicely for Windows 10 PC ahead of July 29 launch.

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Windows 10 PC build 10158 pushed to fast ring; brings Microsoft Edge branding, Cortana integration with Office 365 Windows 10 PC build 10158 pushed to fast ring; brings Microsoft Edge
branding, Cortana integration with Office 365 Reviewed by Kaiser on 6/30/2015 01:37:00 PM
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