OnePlus 2 will have Dual SIM support, to have improved invite system

OnePlus CEO Pet Lau announced on Weibo that the OnePlus 2 will have dual-SIM slots with dual standby, which OnePlus One lacked. In addition, OnePlus will introduce new invite system to sell the OnePlus 2.

The dual-SIM support opens up a possibility that the OnePlus 2 will have a microSD card, again which the OnePlus One lacks. Since we have seen several mobile products with hybrid SIM support that lets the second SIM slot double up as a microSD card slot when required. However, Users will not be able to  take advantage of extended storage and dual-SIM at the same time.

OnePlus also announced that they will introduce a new invite system for the OnePlus 2. They will introduce physical cards that can be used as invites to purchase the OnePlus 2. OnePlus will have more invites on offer and will have 30-50x more inventory than last time. The company will also introduce Reservation list, which will allow interested buyers to sign via email. However, these invites will be first available for users who are active in OnePlus forums. Plus users will get sharable invites after buying the device.

In related, YouTuber Marques Brownlee recently got his hands on the OnePlus 2 and reviewed the camera. As per the source, OnePlus will sport a 13-megapixel main camera with f/2.0 lens, HDR, automatic mode, Beauty mode and will support 4K video recording. Check out the full camera review below.

As for OnePlus 2, the device is confirmed to feature Snapdragon 810 v2.1 SoC, 4GB LPDDR4 RAM, 3300mAh battery, USB Type-C ports and a fingerprint sensor. It is expected to be priced under $450.

The OnePlus 2 will be officially unveiled on July 27 in a Virtual reality event. All the official details will be outed at that time.

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OnePlus 2 will have Dual SIM support, to have improved invite system OnePlus 2 will have Dual SIM support, to have improved invite system Reviewed by Kaiser on 7/17/2015 11:25:00 PM
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