HP Elite x2 1012 is a 2-in1 Windows 10 tablet for business

HP's latest business class Windows 10 2-in-1 tablet, the Elite x2 is the company's answer to the popular Microsoft's surface line up. It has fanless design, supports wide range of accessories including keyboards that let you use the tablet like a laptop, and docking stations that lets you turn it into a desktop PC.

The HP Elite x2 looks almost identical to HP's Spectre x2 tablet, that was outed in October. Both have 12-inch display with a built-in stainless steel U-shaped kickstand. However, the Elite x2 comes with some extra security measures for enterprise users. The 12-inch display sports 1080p resolution and is protected by Gorilla Glass 4.

While the Spectre x2 was equipped with sixth-gen Intel Core M processor, the Elite x2 gets Intel Core M vPro chip, with optional features and accessories for enterprise users including fingerprint scanners and smartcard reader. The base model features 4GB RAM, 129GB SSD and an Intel Core M3 Skylake proccessor, but HP also offers up to a Core M7 processor, 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD. It offers 10 hours of battery life.

The Elite x2 comes with HP Active Stylus Pen. "Based on industry-standard WACOM technology, the pen has integrated pressure sensors to help control the width of lines when writing or drawing onscreen. The pen also includes App Launch, a programmable Bluetooth application launch button to quickly launch OneNote or any other favorite Windows application."

In addition, it comes with travel keyboard and an optional advanced keyboard as well that has a SmartCard Reader and NFC sensor. Both keyboards are backlit. Instead of battery, both keyboard draw power from the tablet. The tablet has a full-sized USB port and a USB Type-C / Thunderbolt pro.

There is also a desktop docking stations that can be used to charge the device while connecting it to an external display, keyboard, mouse or other accessories. There is also support for Intel WiGig wireless docking solution, allowing you to connect up to two external displays without wire.

It's been said that the rear part of the Elite x2 can be unscrewed to replace some of its components including the screen, hard drive, battery, memory and storage. HP claims that it won't be a cumbersome tasks to do this, so users no longer need to spend on labor to have them fixed or replaced.

The HP Elite x2 pre-order start from November 23 for $899 for the base model, with shipping starting early January in the U.S. For comparison, the Surface Pro 4 prices also start at $899, but Elite x2 is more affordable, as it comes bundled with an Active Stylus and Travel Keyboard. The Surface Pro 4 only comes with a Stylus, and you will have to buy the Surface's Type Cover separately for $150.


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HP Elite x2 1012 is a 2-in1 Windows 10 tablet for business HP Elite x2 1012 is a 2-in1 Windows 10 tablet for business Reviewed by Kaiser on 11/22/2015 03:24:00 PM
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