Android co-founder Andy Rubin wants to make his own Android phone

Andy Rubin, the co-founder of Android, that was sold to Google in 2005, may get back to Android phone business with his own new brand. The Information reports that Rubin has been recruiting people in the industry for developing a new phone.

Rubin, who was Android's leader from its inception in 2003, through its acquisition by Google in 2005, moved out of Android in March 2013, and was replaced by Sunder Pichai. In the period of time, he transformed Android from its tiny startup days to the world's most popular mobile operating system. Rubin moved to Google's robotic division and 19 months later in November 2014, he decided to leave Google officially. Soon after moving out of Google, Rubin founder a tech startup incubator named Playground Global.

Talking further about the phone, Rubin plans to start the phone company through Playground Global, which supports device making startups. The project has already raised around $300 million and could fund the phone company.  Rubin believes that Android phone market, especially in the low and mid range, has no shortage of opportunity for tech startup, such as OnePlus and Nextbit that made mark in the business. He however feels that there is a lot to do in the high-end segment, which is largely dominated by Apple's iPhones. So, if there is a opportunity for Rubin, it is the high-end market segment.

"Andy Rubin has been trying to start an Android phone company that would take advantage of industry trends, which have made easier to produce and launch new brands in recent years," quotes The Informant.

If Andy Rubin finds success in hardware as he did in software, Android fans might have an exciting new phone to look forward to and Google, it's next acquisition.


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Android co-founder Andy Rubin wants to make his own Android phone Android co-founder Andy Rubin wants to make his own Android phone Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/03/2015 03:51:00 PM
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