Google Photos gets shared album feature

Google is pushing the shared album feature to Google Photos. With this feature you can make collaborative albums via a link and then send them using shared albums to your friends and family, and those who receive it can join to add their own photos and videos. In the past, the users who received this link could only view the photos and couldn't add to it.

Users will also be notified when a new photo or video is added by other user. The contents of the shared album can be viewed in the browser or on the photo apps and can be saved to your Google Photos library.

Currently users cannot add comments, caption or likes to the shared album but this ability could come soon. The shared album feature for Google Photos is now available on Android, iOS and Web.

Google shared a video demonstrating the shared album feature. In the video a user selects the photos and adds them to the new shared album, then she shares the link in the album with her friend. Her friend adds more photos through the photos app and the original sharer is notified when new photos are being added to the shared album.

Google Photos was introduced in May and has made a huge impact in its short life, attracting 100 million people to download the app and use the service, said Google

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Google Photos gets shared album feature Google Photos gets shared album feature Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/11/2015 12:44:00 PM
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