Samsung's 2016 Smart TV line up gets more games and better security

Ahead of CES 2016, Samsung has announced more details about its upcoming 2016 Smart TV line up. The company announced that its new Smart TV lineup will bring wide range of more than 400 streaming games (from Playstation Now) and 100 downloadable games and pack three-layer security solution.

Samsung's 2016 Smart TV lineup will get upgraded gaming service, enabling download ans streaming games. The most notable improvement is access to the upgraded PlayStation Now service. The PlayStation Now service was launched for Samsung TVs earlier this year. The service was available in U,S and Canada and subscribers were offered access to nearly 300 games. 

The games available through the service range from action, sports, racing, RPG (Role Playing Game), FPS (first persone shooter) and board games. Some of the game added recently include Assassin's Creed III, Batmkan: Arkham Origins and the LEGO Movie Videogame. Users will be able to stream these game from PlayStation Now directly through their Samsung Smart TVs. In addition Users will be able to download over 100 games to play including Revolt3, Deer Hunter, Eternity Warrior 3 and more.

Users will get a free 7-day subscription to PlayStation Now, following which they will have to subscribe to the service for $19.99 a month

Samsung's new security solution called Gaia, will come pre-loaded on all of Samsung's 2016 SUHD TV lineup, and is designed to offer user protection across the Smart TV ecosystem including services, software and hardware security. 

Gaia protects users personal data in three ways. It has a secure zone which acts as a barrier that creates a secure space and protects the core service operations. Secondly, Gaia encrypts important data transmitted between TV and IoT service servers. Lastly, the security level is strengthened in terms of hardware which divides the Tizen OS into two parts, the main and the security space.

Samsung said it believes 2016 will be the year, where TV will become the centre of Internet of Things (IoT). The South Korean Giant has already announced that its 2016 Smart TV lineup will be IoT compatible, enabling TV to control other appliances.

Samsung will showcase the upgraded gaming service and Gaia security solution at CES 2016, Las Vegas.

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Samsung's 2016 Smart TV line up gets more games and better security Samsung's 2016 Smart TV line up gets more games and better security Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/31/2015 03:09:00 PM
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