Samsung's 2016 TV lineup will be IoT compatible

Samsung has annouced that its 2016 Smart TV's will be IoT (Internet of Things) ready and be compatible with SmartThings, its home automation platform. For those unaware, SmartThings is an open platform that allows users to connect, manage and control smart devices and IoT services from their smartphone, instead of using separate devices with different apps.

Samsung also revealed that the 2016 SUHD Smart TV line up will have IoT technology, enabling the TV to control other smart appliance. The new range of SUHD TVs will be able to connect and control Samsung devices and SmartThings sensors, as well as over 200 other SmartThings compatible devices including connected lights, locks to thermostats, cameras and others. For this, a SmartThings Extend USB adapter is required to get support with SmartThings compatible devices.

In addition, the SmartThings SUHD app will allow users to trigger different SmartThings Routine such as get notified when important events happen as well as see what's happening in and around the house with compatible camera, and control connected devices- all from the Samsung Smart TV. For example, with an outdoor camera connected to Samsung Smart TV, users can check when visitors arrive and choose to open the door, directly from the sofa.

Samsung will be showcasing its 2016 range of Smart TVs at CES 2016.


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Samsung's 2016 TV lineup will be IoT compatible Samsung's 2016 TV lineup will be IoT compatible Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/30/2015 05:54:00 AM
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