This is the Google Glass 2.0, to sport foldable frame

The Google Glass was first unveiled at Google I/O 2010, and later turned out to be a dud. Earlier this year multiple reports claimed that Google is working on the iteration of the Google Glass, including one specifically aimed at workplace called the Enterprise Edition.

And now, we get a first glimpse at the upcoming Google Glass. An FCC document shows a updated version of the Google Glass, that looks similar to the first gen Google Glass, though, the new one comes with hinge mechanism that allows the wearable to be folded, like a proper pair of glass.

The FCC document also features a user manual, which contains some more details.
  • The plastic cube just above your right eye allows you to interact with the device. The Home Screen is your starting point. By default, the display shows you the current time.
  • The camera button is located on top of the device near the display. Press the camera button to take a photo. Hold it down to record a video. The green light shows when the camera is on 
  • The charging port is different, as now it gets a set of pogo pins with large circles on either side of the contacts.
Google is expected to distribute the wearable though Glass for Work startups. Many suspect that the Google Glass Enterprise edition could be a reference design hardware for Google's partners to upload their own proprietory applications and tools on it. It is being said that Google has already distributed few units of the Google Glass to its partners.

Earlier it was reported that the Google Glass will get a massive bump in terms of internal components. Gone is the old Texas Instruments OMAP SoC, and now there's a new Intel Atom Chip. The new processor is said to provide better heat management and will offer better battery life. The device will support 5GHz WiFi, and the prism, which is the display is also larger, where users view content such as weather alerts or videos. There's no word what it runs on, but the first gen Google Glass was based on something similar to Android.


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This is the Google Glass 2.0, to sport foldable frame This is the Google Glass 2.0, to sport foldable frame Reviewed by Kaiser on 12/29/2015 10:50:00 PM
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