Lenovo will make the first Project Tango smartphone for consumers

Lenovo has partnered with Google development for the first consumer-ready Project Tango smartphone. For those unaware, Project Tango is a Google Platform that develops mobile 3D technology for smartphone or tablets. These devices have custom hardware with built-in sensors to aid in 3D mapping. 

It combines camera, gyroscope and accelerometer to estimate six degree of freedom motion tracking offering ability to track 3D motion of the device, while simultaneously creating a map for the environment (room). It will also let users to decide what furniture will go in a house or to create a three-dimensional image instead of a flat photo.

At CES 2016, Lenovo and Google demoed the prototype of the device which can be used to accurately measure space, the area, and even create and play 3D games like Jenga. Qualcomm's processor will power the smartphone and the screen size would be less than 6.5-inches. Specification are yet to be revealed.

To support the growth of this platform, Lenovo and Google are inviting developers from around the world to submit their ideas for gaming and utility apps created using Project Tango. The best ideas will be backed by the companies, providing funding and engineering support, and will be featured on final Lenovo Project Tango device once it ships.

Lenovo promised that the first Lenovo Project Tango smartphone will be available for customers globally sometime in 2016 for under $500. 

“With Project Tango, the smartphone becomes a magic window into the physical world by enabling it to perceive space and motion that goes beyond the boundaries of a touch screen,” said Johnny Lee, Project Tango Lead, Google. “By working with Lenovo, we’ll be able to make Project Tango more accessible to users and developers all over the world to both enjoy and create new experiences that blends the virtual and real world.” 


Kaiser Bey
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Lenovo will make the first Project Tango smartphone for consumers Lenovo will make the first Project Tango smartphone for consumers Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/08/2016 06:53:00 PM
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