Mumbai Central gets Google's free high-speed RailWire Wi-Fi network

Google, Indian Railways and RailTel today announced the launch of free high-speed Public WiFi at the Mumbai Central Station. The project was announced, during PM Narendra Modi's visit to Google headquarters in Mountain View in September last year.

The Indian Railways’ arm RailTel provides internet services as RailWire through its extensive fibre network. 

How to log in to Google and Railwire's free public Wi-Fi:
1) Users will have to go to Wi-Fi Settings on their smartphone, and select the RailWire network.
2) Users then have to open their mobile browser, and navigate to
3) On the RailWire website, users will be prompted to their phone number on the Wi-Fi login screen, and then press Receive SMS
4) Users will receive an SMS message with a 4-digit OTP (one-time password) code, and they will then have to enter the code at the Wi-Fi login screen, and click Done
5) Users will then be shown a checkmark, which confirms they are connected to the free Wi-Fi.

“Also, to make sure that a few people spending all day in the station downloading lots of big files don’t slow down the network for everyone, users might notice a drop in speed after their first hour on the network. Most people should still be able to do the things they’ll want to do online,” added Google.

Google has already said that its high-speed WiFi services will be operational in more than 100 railway stations by the end of 2016. After Mumbai, next in line to get the free WiFi service is Allahabad, Patna, Jaipur and Ranchi.


Kaiser Bey
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Mumbai Central gets Google's free high-speed RailWire Wi-Fi network Mumbai Central gets Google's free high-speed RailWire Wi-Fi network Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/22/2016 08:16:00 PM
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