OnePlus India releases spare parts pricing for its smartphones

OnePlus India has outed the list of spare part prices for their devices - OnePlus One, OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, on their official website.The list includes supplementary components for all three smartphones and also their accessories. The rate list is effective from January 4, 2016.

The prices listed do not include tax, and the final repair cost will be different because of different tax rate in each state. OnePlus says that consumers will only be chargerd a one time labour fee for the repair of multiple parts. 

OnePlus "urges customers to visit only B2X Service Solutions India Pvt. Limited and Regenersis India centres for any grievance or support issues". With the latest move, OnePlus 2 aims to boost its after sales service in the country. You can check out the all the spare parts prices here.
ModelPart nameOut of warranty price (excluding taxes) in RsParts Prices in RsLabour fee
1OnePlus OneFront-cover combination(black)6530400
2OnePlus OneSIM Card needle300
3OnePlus OneSIM Card Silicon Rubber Case300
4OnePlus OneAC adapter6000
5OnePlus Onebattery1200400
6OnePlus Onespeaker400400
7OnePlus Onereceiver130400
8OnePlus OneNano SIM card tray1300
9OnePlus Onebattery cover assembly(black)1450400
10OnePlus OneSIM Card tray(black)1300
11OnePlus OneBack cover combination(black)600400
12OnePlus OneRF connector70400
13OnePlus OneUSB FPC260400
14OnePlus OneSmall PCBA730400
15OnePlus OneFront camera860400
16OnePlus Onemain camera2380400
17OnePlus OneUSB cable6000
18OnePlus OneMain Board(64G)14450400
19OnePlus OneSIM Socket530400
20OnePlus OneFront-cover combination(white)7200400
21OnePlus OneNano SIM card tray?white?1300
22OnePlus Onebattery cover assembly(white)1450400
23OnePlus OneSIM Card tray(white)1300
24OnePlus OneBack cover combination(white)600400
25OnePlus OneMain Board(16G)12500400
26OnePlus TwoA2003 adapter (India)5490
27OnePlus TwoRF connector40400
28OnePlus TwoSIM card tray, black800
29OnePlus Twovolume button bolt, black20400
30OnePlus Twovolume button, black, aluminum alloy160400
31OnePlus Twopower button, black, aluminum alloy130400
32OnePlus TwoUSB FPC730400
33OnePlus Twobutton FPC130400
34OnePlus Twolight sensor FPC110400
35OnePlus Twolaser focus FPC360400
36OnePlus Twobattery cover assembly 2, black430400
37OnePlus Tworeceiver110400
38OnePlus Twocamera, main4550400
39OnePlus Twocamera, front700400
40OnePlus Twobattery1000400
41OnePlus Two3 in 1 side button220400
42OnePlus Twomain board lower cover assembly 2, black850400
43OnePlus Twomain board lower cover assembly, black830400
44OnePlus TwoFront-cover assembly(black)10000400
45OnePlus Twosmall PCBA (China)700400
46OnePlus Twomain board(UK/India/Europe), 64G17100400
47OnePlus TwoOnePlus 2 Karbon StyleSwap Cover17000
48OnePlus TwoOnePlus 2 Bamboo StyleSwap Cover17000
49OnePlus TwoOnePlus 2 Rosewood StyleSwap Cover17000
50OnePlus TwoOnePlus 2 Black Apricot StyleSwapCover17000
51OnePlus TwoOnePlus 2 USB Type-C Adapter7000
52OnePlus XUSB cable (one meter)3490
53OnePlus XA2003 adapter (India)5490
54OnePlus XSIM Card needle260
55OnePlus XRF connector 96mm49400
56OnePlus XMain board lower cover assembly(with antenna),black235400
57OnePlus XSpeaker holder(with speaker)353400
58OnePlus XReceiver shrapnel,12×6×2,A79400
59OnePlus XLithium battery@2450/3.8V/0.7C BLP607 336279 MA B613783400
60OnePlus XThree-stage key lead rail, stainless steel98400
61OnePlus XSide button stator(volume&power button),stainless steel20400
62OnePlus XDisplay FPC semifinished product235400
63OnePlus XPower button FPC semifinished product177400
64OnePlus XVolume button, golden137400
65OnePlus XPower button, golden108400
66OnePlus XThree-stage key, golden157400
67OnePlus XVolume button, gray137400
68OnePlus XPower button, gray108400
69OnePlus XThree-stage key, gray157400
70OnePlus XSIM tray, golden2940
71OnePlus XSIM tray, gray2940
72OnePlus XFront-cover assembly(black)6670400
73OnePlus XFront-cover assembly(white)6670400
74OnePlus XFront-cover assembly(ceramic version)6670400
75OnePlus XUSB FPC assembly480400
76OnePlus XMain board assembly8155400
77OnePlus XBattery cover assembly(black)1252400
78OnePlus XBattery cover assembly(white)1252400
79OnePlus XBattery cover assembly(ceramic version)3631400
80OnePlus XRear camera assembly1927400
81OnePlus XFront camera assembly744400

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OnePlus India releases spare parts pricing for its smartphones OnePlus India releases spare parts pricing for its smartphones Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/04/2016 11:26:00 PM
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