Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3 is the world's first smartphone you can smoke

U.S based company Vaporcade, which makes e-cigarettes, cigars, and coffee beans, has come out with an interesting smartphone that not only allows you to make calls and send texts, but also smoke your favorite e-cigarette flavors as well. Called Jupiter IO 3, it is the world's first and only smokeable smartphone with an inbuilt e-cigarrete.

The Jupiter IO 3 has an opening under a little plastic cover off the top where users can attach a flavored liquid cartridge and a mouthpiece to smoke from the smartphone. You can also attach a Hookah Hose onto the top of the phone. It also comes with a button to regulate the heat and get a stronger pull. The flavored liquid cartridges costs $15 (Rs. 1,000) and comes in mint, peach and coffee flavors each offering about 800 puffs, or four pack of cigarettes. 

The smartphone packs two batteries, one fueling the phone and the other to power the e-cigarette. The battery life is shared so if you don't vape much, the device will offer a longer battery life. There is also a LED light band.

The Vaporcade app for smartphones lets users track battery life, how much liquid is left, what flavor has been loaded in the cartridge and how many puffs users has taken over time. The app alerts users when the cross the puff limit. It also helps users to quit or cutdown smoking by setting a goal.

The information on the impact of vaping from the device, when compared to traditional cigarettes, is not yet known. The device is said to be FCC aproved.

The Jupiter IO 3 runs Android 4.4 KitKat and is priced at $299 (Rs. 20,000) for the 3G variant, while the company is planning to release a 4G variant soon. It will cost $499 (Rs. 33,000). It also comes with an optional Hookah, that is sold seperately.


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Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3 is the world's first smartphone you can smoke Vaporcade Jupiter IO 3 is the world's first smartphone you can smoke Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/12/2016 06:27:00 AM
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