Wickedleak HoverX self-balancing scooter launched for Rs. 31,990

India based smartphone maker Wickedleak, has forayed into the personal mobility market with the launch of a self-balancing hoverboard, the HoverX. 

For those unaware, hoverboards are a type of portable, rechargable battery-powered scooter, that comes with two wheels arranged side-by-side, with two platforms between the wheels, on which the rider stands. You can use it to move on roads, pavements and gardens with ease.

The HoverX is a powered by a 4400mAh li-ion Samsung battery, which charges fully in about two hours. On a single charge in can cover a range of 20km with a top speed of 15kmph. It comes integrated with Bluetooth speaker that can connect to you smartphone, allowing you to play your favorite music.

The hoverboard is made out of ABS + PC polycarbonate thermoplastic materials, which offers strong build, while the outer layer of the hoverboard is scratch resistant, and tough, so that it can be safe and durable. It also offers anti-slip rubberdised material for better grip and control.

The Wickedleak HoverX hoverboard is priced at Rs. 31,990, and can be purchased for the company's website.

Wickedleak HoverX hoverboard specifications
  • Speed 12-15Km/H
  • Max load 100kg
  • Max climb capability 20°
  • Turning radius 0°
  • Charger time 1-2 hours
  • Li-ion Battery 36V 4.4AH
  • Ultra Durable ABS + PC Built
  • Lifetime of battery Upto 3 Years
  • Range 20km
  • Soft Rubberized Sensor Pads
  • Tyre Size 8 Inches
  • Weight 11.70 kg

Kaiser Bey
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Wickedleak HoverX self-balancing scooter launched for Rs. 31,990 Wickedleak HoverX self-balancing scooter launched for Rs. 31,990 Reviewed by Kaiser on 1/30/2016 04:46:00 AM
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