FlexEnable's flexible display can be wrapped around your wrist

UK based startup FlexEnable at MWC 2016 showcased its prototype flexible display technology which can be wrapped around the wrist. To demonstrate and show the benefits, the display, brings to wearables, FlexEnable integrated the tech onto a prototype smartwatch (or bracelet).

FlexEnable's prototype 4.7-inch flexible LCD screen is 0.3mm thick and makes use of flexible plastic transistors to create organic liquid crystal display (OLCD) screens to achieve flexibility. Currently, the screens do not have touch screen function abilities, instead they can be operated by tapping on function buttons that are placed on side of the device.

As per the company, the OLCD display can achieve same resolutions as regular LCD using same amount of power, with added flexibility. FlexEnable's flexible display technology can be wrapped around anything and also has uses outside the wearable devices, as it can be incorportaed in creative smartphone designs, screen displays on automobiles, and even personalized security devices.

FlexEnable also displayed a flexible fingerprint sensors which could be wrapped around door handles to provide users with personalized security. 

“Our exceptional technology allows electronics to be put on flexible plastic film, which can get you the thickness of a sheet of paper. The combination stable, high performance organic thin-film transistors with passive elements will create truly flexible and cost-effective electronics over large and small surfaces” said FlexEnable.
FlexEnable also said that it has no plans to create a separate new product, instead, the company plans to team up with hardware partner to bring the technology to consumer market.  

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FlexEnable's flexible display can be wrapped around your wrist FlexEnable's flexible display can be wrapped around your wrist Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/25/2016 02:17:00 PM
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