Leica to reinvent smartphone photography with Huawei

Chinese telecom giant Huawei and legendary camera maker Leica (based in Germany) has announced a long-term strategic partnership with an aim to reinvent smartphone photography. 

Huawei Conumer BG, CEO Richard said that the comapny will collaborate with Leica to bring customers "the best elements of two expert brands in harmony" by "combining innovation and design, enhancing the user experience and continuing to inspire amazing advancement in human technology through exceptional premium imaging quality."

The partnership between Huawei and camera maker Leica will span research and development, design, co-engineering, user experience, marketing and retail distribution. Exact details are yet to be revealed.

Leica previously teamed up with Japanese electronics company Panasonic, for the Lumix DMC-CM1 smartphone. The phone was equipped with a 20-megapixel camera with an f/2.8 Leica DC Elmarit lens.

Huawei is already enjoying a successful run in the smartphone market, and with Leica's camera technology, the China based company will be looking forward to strengthen its future consumer offerings.


Kaiser Bey
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Leica to reinvent smartphone photography with Huawei Leica to reinvent smartphone photography with Huawei Reviewed by Kaiser on 2/25/2016 11:54:00 PM
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