Apple iPhone to get OLED upgrade in 2017: Report

Previously it was reported that Apple was planning to launch an iPhone with OLED display by 2018. However a new report says that we can expect OLED display on iPhones sooner than expected.

According to a report published on Nekkei, Apple may switch to OLED display on iPhones in 2017. The reports states that Apple had reached out to Samsung and LG towards the end of 2015 to strike a deal to manufacture OLED panels. Apple is said to be near a deal with the South Korean tech giants upwards of $12 billion.

These OLED display could be for the iPhone 7s that is expected to launch in 2017. An OLED display is thinner, and offers better colors, deeper blacks and improved battery life than LCD panels.

The new claims come after a report from December last year, that suggested Apple had opened a secret production laboratory in Taiwan to focus on developing new display technologies. The report said that Apple was determined to develop "thinner, lighter, brighter and more efficient" displays than the LCD, that is currently used in iPhones. 


Kaiser Bey
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Apple iPhone to get OLED upgrade in 2017: Report Apple iPhone to get OLED upgrade in 2017: Report Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/03/2016 06:13:00 PM
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