Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer

Microsoft at its Build 2016 conference announced Anniversary Update for Windows 10, which is coming later this year as a free update with improvements to Hello, Cortana and new features, like Windows Ink.

With Windows Hello, users can log into their devices via facial recognition. With the update Hello will support Windows apps and Microsoft edge as well.

The update also adds improved stylus support as Windows Ink, which enables you to write on you device, as you do on paper, and will be able to create sticky notes or draw on a whiteboard. Windows Ink will be integrated into apps like Maps, Edge browser, and Office for better productivity. Developers can also integrate Windows Ink into their apps using Ink tools.

Microsoft has big plans for Cortana as well, as the company aims to offer the improved voice conversation experience with the digital personal assistant. Cortana will be smartphone as it will offer improved suggestions throughout the day ranging from food and transport. It will also be able to recognize your tasks, create appointments and recommend apps appropriate for the task. For quicker access it will be available above the lock screen as well.

For Xbox platform, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app will arrive on Xbox One through a Unified Windows Store. Cortana will also makes its way to the Xbox platform. Xbox users will also be able to turn their retail Xbox One unite into dev kit, this will allow developers to deploy desktop apps, with the help of Visual Studio to the Xbox One.

Microsoft also announced that the Windows 10 OS is now running on more than 270 million active devices worldwide after eight months of launch. The Windows 10 Anniversary update will come to PCs, tablets, Windows 10 Mobile devices, Xbox One, Hololens and IoT this summer.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update coming this summer Reviewed by Kaiser on 3/31/2016 09:42:00 PM
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