BlackBerry to launch two mid-range Android phones this year

To save its sinking smartphone business, BlackBerry ditched it proprietary OS, and went on-board with Google's Android operating system and launched the high-end Priv smartphone. Now the Canada based smartphone maker is said to be focusing on mid-range segment this year.

In an interview with The National, BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that the company plans to launch new mid-range Android smartphone this year, but did not mention the exact time-frame of launch. Chen said that out of two smartphone, one will be a full touch screen while the other will sports a physical QWERTY keyboard. The prices of the two mid-range Android smartphone will be around $300-$400 (Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 26,600), so that it can compete in the low-end market, added Chen. 

Chen also admitted that the company's first Android smartphone, the Priv, was "too high-end a product" for enterprise customers. Even though the Priv won rave reviews, the company has so far not revealed how many units of Priv it has sold up to date. BlackBerry recently slashed the price of Priv by $50 (Rs. 3,300), and now retails for $649 (Rs. 43,000) in the U.S.

In related news, BlackBerry is said to be working on two Android devices, Hamburg and Rome. The Hamburg is said to be a mid range Android phone with BlackBerry's iconic QWERTY keyboard. This could be one of the phone, that Chen is talking about. The Hamburg is expected to arrive no later than autumn 2016.

The Rome on the other hand will be a high-end phone, and follow in the steps of the Priv, which means it will have both physical keyboard and a huge touchscreen. It is expected to be launched by end of this year. Unfortunaely, there are no details on the specifications. 


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BlackBerry to launch two mid-range Android phones this year BlackBerry to launch two mid-range Android phones this year Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/08/2016 07:21:00 PM
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