Google introduces customizable Live Cases for Nexus phones

Google has announced new custom Live Cases for Nexus smartphone. Now users can customize their own cases for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6 and Nexus 6P via Google Store.

You'll be able to customize the phone cases with two options, with photos called 'Photo Live Case' or a special place marked on Google Maps known as 'Place Live Case'. The Photo Live Case lets you choose a photo, as the main design of the case, and can even apply filters and color overlays, so that the case can reflect more of your personality.

The Place Live Case allows you to access Google Maps and go to a specific place to make it the design your phone case. Once you have selected the spot, you can change the map views to terrain or water. It also offers live wallpapers of a map showing your current location.

The Photo Live Case and Place Live Case also has a quick launch button at the back, which opens an app, depending on what you set it to, be it camera, web browser, or any of your favorite apps. The apps can be set via the Live Case app and makes use of the phones NFC.

Google's customized Live Cases is priced at $35 (Rs. 2,300) and is currently available in the U.S from the Google Store.

Kaiser Bey
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Google introduces customizable Live Cases for Nexus phones Google introduces customizable Live Cases for Nexus phones Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/15/2016 08:59:00 PM
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