GoPro announces Omni VR camera rig and VR video platfrom

Action camera maker GoPro has introduced the GoPro Omni VR, a small VR camera, along with GoPro VR 360-degree content sharing platform.

The GoPro Omni VR is a cubed-shaped camera that houses six individual Hero4 Black camera fitted into a durable aluminum casing, which is light and strong made for action shots. All the six Hero4 cameras work at the same time, and the footage captured from these, are stitched together to create a single 360-degree video. The Omni VR camera is capable of recording videos in up to 8K resolution.

GoPro has also outed a sample video captured from the OmniVR camera, which is fully interactive and you can explore the surrounding in all directions.

The GoPro VR content platform allows users to share their 360-degrees videos, and also offers curated original contents from GoPro and partner athletes on the GoPro VR website and as a standalone app for Android and iOS devices.

The GoPro Omni VR bundle includes a aluminum Rig, 6 x mini USB cables, 6 x GoPro Hero4 camera and batteries, a GoPro Smart Remote, 32GB microSD card/card reader, a rugged shipping case and a GoPro Kolor Software license.

Priced at Rs. $4,999.99, the GoPro Omni VR camera will be available for pre-order from the company website starting today.

Kaiser Bey
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GoPro announces Omni VR camera rig and VR video platfrom GoPro announces Omni VR camera rig and VR video platfrom Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/18/2016 07:01:00 PM
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