Samsung patents smart contact lenses with built-in camera

Google has been working on smart contact lenses for quite some time, and now Samsung has shown interest in this field as it has filed patents for smart contact lenses. The patent titled "Smart contact lens for augmented reality and methods and manufacturing and operating" was filed in South Korea in 2014, and was recently granted.

The patent also reveals that Samsung's smart contact lenses will feature built-in camera, a small display, RF antenna and sensors to detect eye movement. As per the patent, the smart contacts lens will project images to the user's eye via a tiny display, and take photos wirelessly through their own blinking pattern, and transmit the captured information to a connected smartphones.

One of the main reason behind the development of the smart lens is the limited image quality that can be achieved with smart classes. According to Samsung, contact lenses can offer a more natural way to provide augmented reality than smart glasses.

Do note that even though Samsung has filed patent for such a technology, it is not necessary that it will be used in an actual product, but we atleast know the technologies the company is exploring.

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Samsung patents smart contact lenses with built-in camera Samsung patents smart contact lenses with built-in camera Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/08/2016 03:02:00 PM
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