Samsung to release 64-bit Tizen 3.0 in September

Samsung at its Developer Conference in San Francisco has announced that the next major upgrade to Tizen OS, the Tizen 3.0 will arrive in September.

The Tizen 3.0 will be compatible with 64-bit operating system and will work with the latest 64-bit ARM and x86 processors, and offer 30 percent faster processing speeds. The OS will now support up to 4K resolution, Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi ac. It also includes inbuilt virus and privacy protections, multi-user support and improved voice control capabilities. It will also support Vulkan APIs, which means Tizen will match Android in its graphical capabilities.

For those unaware Tizen OS is a Linux-based platform built from Meego, and was developed by Samsung in collaboration with Intel. Samsung has used Tizen OS on its TVs, wearable, smart cameras and more. It was also used on a couple of phones that hasn't been a success despite strong sales in India and Bangladesh.

Tizen 3.0 is based on Linux LTS (long-term support) kernel and will also be IoT ready and will be able to power smart refrigerators, vacuum cleaner, light bulbs and washing machines. It will also be compatible with Samsung's Artik developer boards, which can be used to make smart devices. Samsung at the conference has also announced Artik Cloud, which offers cloud services for IoT devices.

The company did not mention an exact release date, but said that the beta version will be available in July, and devices with Tizen 3.0 will ship later, once the final update is rolled out in September. Since IFA 2016 is in September, we can expect Samsung to show off the Gear S3 with Tizen 3.0. We can also expect the Tizen 3.0 to be tested on Samsung Z1 and Z3 later this year.

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Samsung to release 64-bit Tizen 3.0 in September Samsung to release 64-bit Tizen 3.0 in September Reviewed by Kaiser on 4/30/2016 05:34:00 PM
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