After Google, Apple working on Amazon Echo rival

Google last week at I/O 2016 launched Amazon Echo competitor Google Home, and now even Apple is also said to be working on one. According to report from The Information, Apple is working on its own version of Echo voice home assistant.

The reports says that voice-activated device will use Siri's intelligence to preform various activities. Similar to Amazon Echo, Apple's Home assistant will help users with day-to-day task like check weather, set alarm, play music, control home devices and so on. The device will be able to do all these activities, since it comes equipped with a speaker, microphone and wireless connectivity.

The report also mentions that Apple will open up Siri personal assistant to app developers by releasing SDK (Software Development Kit), which will allow app developers to make their apps and services accessible through Siri.The SDK  is expected to be available as soon as WWDC which will take place in June.


Kaiser Bey
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After Google, Apple working on Amazon Echo rival After Google, Apple working on Amazon Echo rival Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/25/2016 03:09:00 PM
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