Developer ports Windows 95 to an Apple Watch

Nick Lee, a developer was able to install and run Microsoft's classic Windows 95 computer operating system on an Apple Watch.

He posted the video on YouTube showing the Win95 OS running on his Apple Watch complete with the start button and app icons. The UI is too small but the touchscreen allows the user to navigate or open the apps with swipes and taps to move the mouse.

However, despite Apple Watch having a superior hardware, the OS takes time to boot up and the response is slow. In order to prevent the slow response times from continuously turning off the screen, Lee added a motor that keeps touching the crown, preventing the screen from turning off.

To load Windows 95 on the Apple Watch, Lee had to modift the Watch Kit app allowing him to install the Bochs x86 emulator. In case you want to give it a try, Lee has posted the code on GitHub. (Source | Via). Meanwhile, you can check the video below:

Kaiser Bey
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Developer ports Windows 95 to an Apple Watch Developer ports Windows 95 to an Apple Watch Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/01/2016 06:39:00 PM
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