Google translate for Android now works inside any app

Google has added a new feature to its Translate apps for Android. Called Tap to Translate, it instantly translates the text within any app on your Android device just by tapping a button.

To use the translation feature within an app, highlight the text that you want to translate and hit the Translate icon that pops up. The text will be translated in a pop up window, and you can choose to replace original text with the translated texted the window. Tap to Translate works for all 103 of Google Translate’s languages on any Android phone running Jellybean (4.2) and above.

Translate app for iOS has also been updated. The iOS app gets a new Offline Mode to download languages for offline translation in 52 languages. The download size has been reduced by 90 percent and now weighs 25MB each.

Google has also added support for Chinese inside it Words Lens feature for Android and iOS. Word Lens feature lets you point your smartphone's camera at a text and see the translation in real time. With the addition Word Lens now supports 29 languages.

Source | Download Google Translate 5.0 – Android (APK) | iPhone and iPad

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Google translate for Android now works inside any app Google translate for Android now works inside any app Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/11/2016 11:15:00 PM
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