SkinTrack turns your arm into a smartwatch touchpad

Smartwatch are cool little gadgets, but not without problems. One of the main problem is the screen size which is limited to 2-inch and keeps the function therein making it difficult for people with bigger fingers to use the interface. Now researchers at Carnegie Mellon University has developed a new technology that can turn your lower arm into a working smartwatch touchpad.

Dubbed SkinTrack, the new system uses your hands or arms to act as an touchpad for the smartwatch. It can also detect touches at discrete locations on the skin, enabling functionality similar to the smartwatch's buttons or slider controls.

SkinTrack consists of a special ring and a set of electrodes that is integrated into the smartwatch's strap. The ring emits an electrical signal that is picked up by the straps electrodes, tracking the ring's location as you move your fingers. The system can also recognize gestures, continuously track your finger and register taps.

The researchers say that the technology is safe and the radio signals used by 'Skin Track' have no health effects. SkinTrack is currently in its prototype stage, and there is still work to be done before it becomes a viable system for widespread use. One of the main challenge for the research team is to find a way to keep the ring powered up. The team is also working on hurdles involving sweat and body motion, which can confuse the signal. (Via

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SkinTrack turns your arm into a smartwatch touchpad SkinTrack turns your arm into a smartwatch touchpad Reviewed by Kaiser on 5/06/2016 09:24:00 PM
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