TWRP 3.0.X-1 Brings In OEM Swap, OTA Installer

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TWRP 3.0.X-1 was released for the first generation Android One (sprout4 and sprout8) devices today. Developed by 1cefire, this is an experimental build.

As the headline states, this build of TWRP comes in with two new options OTA Installer.


Where I can find OTA Installer & OEM Swap options?
After flashing the recovery from the download link below, just reboot recovery, choose advanced, and there you can those two newly added options!


OTA Installer: Tired of downloading the 400 MB something package every month to get those security updates? That won't happen any more! Say goodbye to the universal flashable zips, and now just like users on the stock ROM without a custom recovery, you can flash these incremental upgrades using this TWRP recovery, even if you are rooted and have a custom kernel.


OEM Swap: This option will help you in editing the oem.prop file, which consists of  the device manufacturer, model name etc. . You can use the OEM settings of any one one of the 11 Android One first generation devices. Have a look at the screenshot below:



SuperSU will as usual be removed after an OTA update is flashed. The biggest feature of the OTA installer is that the OTA can be installed over  custom kernel too. The OTAs were successfuly flashed over a systemless root too.

According 1cefire, the developer of this build of TWRP, an untouched build prop is required for successful installation of an OTA!


Have a look at the OTA installer:







You can also find a FAQ section under the OTA installer which enlists answers to all the questions you have regarding the OTA installer! Have a look at the FAQ section below:




Other features such as taking backups, restoring backups and flashing custom ROMs were working fine. Here is a screenshot of a successful backup:




What else is there?


Much more! You now have different colors for different menus in TWRP. Didn't notice that? Take a look at the screenshots posted up once again.

Bugs: Using custom themes in TWRP may cause disappearing of the two new options, that is, OEM Swap & OTA Installer option!


As stated above, this is an experimental build, but if you still want to use it, just go ahead and flash this zip file in the custom recovery you are using at the moment. Download the file by clicking here .


Special thanks to Sachin Sachi for the screenshots & Joey Huab for reporting the bug.


Krittin Kalra
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TWRP 3.0.X-1 Brings In OEM Swap, OTA Installer TWRP 3.0.X-1 Brings In OEM Swap, OTA Installer Reviewed by Krittin Kalra on 5/30/2016 06:10:00 AM
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